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August 2, 2012: Summer is upon us, and it's been fucking hot out. Hope everyone has been spending their summer skinny dipping and smoking dust. Two announcements this time around. 1.) The Fuck Geez "Once Upon A Time There Was Fuck Geez" LP is out now on Social Napalm Records. 2.) I have licensed the official repress of the Broken Bones "Dem Bones" LP through Fallout Records/Jungle Records, and it is also now available.

The Fuck Geez began in the early 1980s in Japan and were fronted by Yumikes of the great MCR Company label. They released various records throughout the 1980s and recorded into the '90s. However, other than a few compilation tracks, their material has been out of print for many years. Fuck Geez were heavily influenced by both late '70s/early '80s English bands (Sex Pistols, Chaotic Dischord, and Disorder all come to mind) and Japanese hardcore of the era. This LP comes in a full color jacket with a digital download containing two good quality live sets. I sincerely hope people will be into checking this out. Please check out the complete write up below for more info.

Broken Bones: Ex-Discharge, loved by Metallica, heavily influential to English Dogs, and a personal favorite band. This was done in cooperation with Jungle Records who own the rights to the Fallout Records catalog. Even though Social Napalm paid for the majority of this pressing, i wanted this release to stay as close to the original as possible, so it still lists Fallout Records as the label (via Jungle Records' address) that released it on the back. As a fan of hardcore, i can't fucking stand it when labels take classic releases and remix them, add new artwork (always awful and Photoshopped), or otherwise alter (defile) the release in any other way, so it is as close to the original as we could make it. The artwork is 100% reproduced from the original and still comes in a gatefold sleeve. The plates were long gone, so it did have to be remastered, but i think it sounds very good. This pressing is 500 copies with 350 to Social Napalm and the other 150 to Jungle Records in the UK. Distros and shops please get in touch for wholesale, they are $11.00 each plus postage. People in the UK and Europe can order this release directly from Jungle Records. Here is the Jungle Records write up about the release.

Both releases are now on sale in the Social Napalm Store . For wholesale inquiries, please email me directly.

In addition to the Fuck Geez release, Social Napalm is now distributing several MCR Co. titles in bulk quantities in North America including the Deceiving Society "Detonation Crusher" CD (reissue of their Crust War Records 12"), Reality Crisis "Not Bound By The Past, We Live In The Present" CD (their newest release), and "All Crusties Spending Loud Night 2002" DVD (great). If you are a distributor or shop interested in carrying these, i have plenty of copies for wholesale and can sell them at $8.00 per CD/$12.50 per DVD. I hope to work out deals with MCR Co. in the future to bring their releases into the States in larger quantities at non import prices, as i think it's a great label.

Social Napalm is also now officially distributing the Exit Condition LP reissues on Drunken Sailor Records here in the US. Julian at that label was kind enough to work out a distribution deal allowing me to get these three releases at a rate much closer to a domestic price than an English import. I have copies of all three reissues for $12.50 each plus postage. For those unfamiliar, Exit Condition was a top tier thrash band combining slightly melodic tendencies with blazing hardcore. They put out one of my absolute favorite 7"s of the late '80s on Pushead's ultra choice Pusmort label. They later changed their sound a bit and moved toward a more melodic/pop direction along the lines of Snuff, Leatherface, Drive, Guns 'N Wankers, etc. Their "Days Of Wild Skies" is a great album in that style, and if you're into the early Leatherface material or the first Snuff LP, i think you'll love this as well. The third LP of theirs compiles later material including splits, 7"s, and some unreleased material, and is a great find for any fan of the group. I also have copies of all three of these LPs for $10.25 each if you run a distro or shop, so get in touch for wholesale orders. Like MCR Co., I hope to continue to work with Julian at Drunken Sailor Records in the future to make his releases more available over here, and it sounds like he has some great things planned.

For the few die hards out there still immersed in cassette culture, i've got two new tape releases out now. The first is by Political Asylum and is of them playing one of their earliest live shows all the way back in 1983. Political Asylum can be compared to many UK anarcho punk bands of the era and carried on well into the 1990s. The second tape is a live tape by cult British D-beat favorites Disaster. This live set captures them playing at Planet X in Liverpool, England sometime in 1991 (if anyone knows the exact date, please get in touch). This is a set that is different from the one that accompanied my zine in 2010. Thanks to Chris Low of Political Asylum and Russ from Disaster for allowing me to bring these tapes back in print.

Thanks everyone for the interest,

January 18, 2008: "One more year and nothing changed; government policies still the same." The further reduction of civil liberties, increased government manipulation and abuse of power, and further tightening of the noose around our necks. I don't see anything changing for the better.

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Background info:  Social Napalm is a DIY label and distro started in 1998 that carries domestic and international punk and hardcore records, tapes, zines, and more from around the world. Still D.I.Y., still antiestablishment, still not supporting the bullshit.

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